Monday, September 6, 2010


I came on tonight to see if I had the biggest percentage of weight loss at the competition I entered. (Look for Muffin Fixation on blogs I follow for more info on future comp's) (And yes, I am too blog illiterate to play around right now and find out how to post a link. :P) So far, I did. It was pretty amazing to me to see that. I may or may not have won, but to me, tonight, I did. It feels wonderful.

I constantly think of how far I have come now, and want to go even farther. I can't wait to hit "one"derland and experience that. As of now I have lost 62 POUNDS. 62!!!! I can't believe it but there it is. I feel so good, I struggle to put into words just how good it does feel--but I am going to try....

1. I went to the big state fair here 3 times this year and ate well each time. By well I mean stayed healthy, if it wasn't I had one bite and felt so good about that, not one bit of me felt "denied" or unsatisfied. I felt like I wanted to take my kids down the giant slide, even though I'm afraid of heights. I wanted to take them on a ride when before I was afraid I wouldn't fit in the seat. It felt great! Next year, I will take them down the slide and I will take them on a ride-I won't have to worry about not fitting or any of that!

2. I LOVE getting compliments. LOVE IT! Sunday Jay's Grandma (who is one cool lady) told me I looked skinny or something to that effect. She hadn't seen me for some time. THAT felt great. I also got compliments from my friends and family too, never gets old!

3. I don't cringe when I walk by the mirror working out anymore. Instead I look, head on, to see just how I have changed. HA window reflection! lol

These things and so many more feel so good. I can't wait to experience more!