Saturday, January 29, 2011


A year ago, I attended a winter fun fest event in our community. It's loaded with inexpensive, fun things for the kids and adults to enjoy. I didn't dance, but I wanted to. I didn't move around much at all at this event, but I wanted to. Today, we went to that same event again. I danced, I moved around...I found myself having FUN~loving life, and enjoying this same event so much more than I did one year ago. It's amazing to me what this weight loss has done. It's given me new found confidence, and life is more FUN.

These past couple weeks I've been struggling with the weight loss aspect of my journey. I hit my 90 pound loss Christmas Eve and did very well eating wise through the holidays. It was after where I had my trouble. One thing lead to another, and another....this week I have found my motivation again and have gotten back on track. I will weigh in tomorrow or Monday, and hopefully see a loss. For some reason, I do not like to blog when I'm struggling. I feel as though it's a failure and if I blog it, it's making it real, confirming that failure. I don't know, it's crazy how my mind works and even crazier trying to re-train it!
Hopefully I'll get back here sooner than later~until then, keep on keeping on!