Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy happy Friday!

I haven't weighed for a week, so I got on today. And it was a HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!! I lost 5.3 (or some point, lol-but the 5 is right!) I am sooooo ecstatic! I have now lost 32 pounds! Ya-hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I screamed, I get the point, I am happy about this. I was a bit worried about it, I have not gotten in much good exercise lately but I have tried hard to stay on my eating plan. It paid off. A 32 pound pay off and I'll take it. I am so freaking happy! And it's Friday! It doesn't get any better than that!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


OK, so I don't have any funsy title and I just want to get some thoughts out.
See that lil non-smiley guy right there? He kinda looks like he's saying "meh" or "bleh"....That is how I feel and have felt the past couple days. I have been to this place before. I lose some weight, shed some fat clothes, feel good, do great on eating....then I want to give into old habits. Whoever said they do die hard was right on the money. I am hovering around the same weight loss..maybe I've lost a pound or two, but certainly not one of my rainbows. Ugh. I need to push past through this and keep on going. I need to achieve this goal, I do. A friend and co-worker who lost 80+ pounds posted a quote and it said..."it you want it bad enough, you'll make it happen." I want this bad enough this time. I can FEEL it. I need to get my mojo back and kick this fat in the ass again. I was doing so good! I will not fail this time, I will not let it win. I need to make it happen. While sitting by our fire Friday night, one of my good friends said something that struck a chord in me. I had fixed a tray of s'mores for my kids and their neighbor friends. I'm talkin' a big ole tray of cut up candy bars, multiple kinds, grahams and marshmallows etc. It was pretty. And it was tempting. I ate a few bites of the cut up candy. So, I decided not to crack a beer or drink wine. Eye for an eye in my mind, lol. Well, this friend a couple others were sayin' have a drink, c'mon....etc etc. So she says You are pregnant, that's why you are not drinking. Ummm, no, not preggo I said, lol. She keeps sayin' it, another friend adds lil bits to this, then I say ya know, I just don't want to add the calories into today. So she says this "Since when have you ever cared about calories????!!!" Now, that bugged me. And it has bugged me since she said it. I talked with my other friend about it, who thought it was totally shitty etc.--she says things without thinking etc. I think she knows what she's saying, just says them anyway. It pissed me off. I have been fighting, pushing and making my goals since March and although that is only 2 months, it's a long two months for me. And this journey will be a long one for me. But I'm finding out, it's not the destination, it's the journey. I will get past this bump in my road and come out on the other side a healthier, thinner, better ME. And one who will not make crass, tacky comments to others, either! HA! ;o)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I kicked some serious elliptical butt tonight, 60 minutes worth baby!!!! I must say it wasn't easy peasy, but I did not except it to be. I wanted to quit, but I did not. GOOOOO ME! I am so freaking proud of myself! I do have to thank one of the Jonas Bros for being on Minute to win it tonight and every time I was shaky, wanting to quit...he won a challenge and it kept me going. lol I didn't have any music, so my only distraction was headphones watching some tv on the machine. It did the trick though. I did it. Me + elliptical + a whole entire HOUR = BLISSFUL SORE HAPPY PROUDNESS! ;o)

accomplishing a goal

is what I am setting out to do. Remember that post on 60 mins of elliptical? Well, I'm in route to the gym to achieve that goal. Can I do this?!! I think so, I am going to try my hardest--hopefully I will not keel over on the damn machine, lmao! To be continued...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

work out

Last night I wanted to get a work out in, but time was tight. Whoever said you have to CARVE out time is right. My oldest daughter had a double header game, in the rain and we stayed and watched. Her team did great, as did she and we sat from the comforts of our van, lol. I got home late, but a friend said she wanted to go so off I went to meet her. We did 30 mins on the elliptical, worked up a nice sweat and good convo. So easy to work out with a friend.
I've been thinking of a goal I want to accomplish--60 mins on the elliptical. Now after 30 I am pretty done. Legs a lil weak, sweaty....but I want to put in 60 mins and see how I do. Well, I guess now that I've stuck that out in the open, I guess it's a goal. A goal I need to accomplish. Stay tuned...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Monday, glad you stopped by again

It's Monday after a long, party filled weekend. Friday night we had my mil's 60th birthday party here with lots of people. I made lots of food, with the help of my sister and sis-in-law. It was great, even though the weather did not cooperate. I did not eat much at all during the day, partly due to business and partly on purpose cuz I knew I was going to indulge a bit in the evening. After all, my sil was bringing a chocolate fountain! lol
Saturday we scored a babysitter ( thanks to my sweet niece and her great bf) and we indulged a little more at a new mexican restaurant. Again, I skipped eating all day to enjoy the evening.
Sunday, my most amazing hubby made a fabulous brunch for me, my mil and mil's mom. It was to DIE FOR! I ate ALL DAY. Yes, ALL DAY. One of my mom's day presents was a chocolate fountain and it was put into good use Sunday. I ate the brunch and went back for chocolate fountain dipped goodness several times as the day went on. I did not punish myself for it. I said I was going to let myself eat what I wanted and I did. I got a great foot rub from my daughter last night as well and it was niiiiiice.
So, today, Monday is here again and I actually like my old friend. OK, so part of it is that I don't work until Wed so Monday is nice, but still. Monday kicks me into gear, gets me back on my plan, gives me a purpose to stay in control. I weighed in and was up a pound. I can handle that, I knew it was going to be slightly up and that's OK. I weighed last week and was down again, by 2 or so so being up 1 doesn't freak me out. Today I've done good. I went for a long walk with AJ, and ate steamed broccoli for lunch with a little (2 tbs or so) of cheese sprinkled on plus a small fruit salad. I didn't eat breakfast, I was busy cleaning and tidying unless you count the two grapes I ate from AJ's. ;O) All in all, I like Mondays-they give me the reason to get back on and do this!