Thursday, November 18, 2010


I have 5 followers, yayyyyyyyyy!
I used to get so excited when I'd get a little comment here or there, but now I looked and I have 5 followers, hope you like reading this lil blog and you comment and stick around my fab 5! lol

Today has been good, I did a short biggest loser workout this a.m. and hit the gym tonight for a 30 min elliptical session. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I signed up for the Turkey Trot, a 5k that I'm speed walking in with a couple friends of mine next week on thanksgiving. Anyway, i did a 3 mile speed walk the other night during a workout and I wanted to do it in 45 mins. I did it in 52 instead. Not bad, but I'll keep on working on it.

I really don't think I'm getting the best of my workouts though. I'm sweating a ton, and doing elliptical and now sometimes octane and/or tread, but I feel like I could be doing more. I'd love to ask a trainer their opinion on what I could do to maximize fat burning on my workouts, but I am no where near that brave yet. Guess I could look on the net and poke around seeing what I find out too. What's a good workout for you? Any ideas for me?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Schmenesday

Well, I'm happy to blog that I've gotten back on track and had a great work-out last night.
It's not been easy, I have pin pointed my toughest time for having to stop myself with eating is late afternoon/early evening, before dinner. While making dinner it's darn near impossible not to snack and indulge for me. Then dinner is ready and I'm not even hungry, because I've filled up on everything then I eat dinner anyway! I'm trying to battle back with this fight by having crystal light readily available (love that stuff-but I am trying to break myself of it eventually) and veggie snacks. SO HARD! Once dinner is over, it's much easier for me. I tell myself I'm "done" with food for the day, and that's it. I also love a work-out in the evening, I feel like I'm burning more calories working out late. Don't know if that's true or not, but it feels good in my mind!
I've also got a new motivator, I'm doing my first ever 5K, Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! Never thought in a million years I'd be doing a 5K, let alone at the butt crack of dawn. GO ME! It helps that a great friend of mine agreed to do it as well, moral support is awesome.
One thing I've been thinking about lately is wondering why I've been successful this time around. And doing it alone, no programs, no meal plans, no calorie counting...just me. I think it's that I have just kept on with it. If I have a bad time with something-giving in to a dessert, for example-which for me easily leads into "well, I had that so I may as well have this too" which leads to "why work-out, I've already done damage" then it can be a couple days before I get out of that hole and back on track. Before now, I'd get that bad and quit. Although I haven't had a really bad lengthy mess up time, I've gotten myself back on track each time I slip up. I've kept on stepping, even if it's little steps. And I'm here to tell ya, those little steps add up to noticeable changes and it works. I've got 79 pounds of back up to say lil steps add up! There is no quitting this time for me, even when I get to goal, I will still be on a healthy quest for my body. So here's to health & happiness, one step at a time!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I am at one of those yucky places right now. Eating has not been great, not all bad but not great either. I'm trying to see where I lost footing, slipped up and identify how to get back on.
The holidays are upon me and I've never really gone through them trying to be healthy before. I can see it's not going to be easy.
I haven't worked out since Saturday, which now that that's down on paper it doesn't seem so bad. It's Tuesday today. I had a goal of every other day that was working well though so I've let myself down.
So, there's 3 things that I need to turn around. Getting out of this yucky place where I let go and eat too much--I'm not really making bad choices, just eating too much. So why am I doing that?? I weighed in Sunday and was up 3. I was/am down 79--I do not take back what I've achieved even if I have a gain so in my mind, I'm still down 79. I've sweat, screamed, cried and punched out those 79 pounds, I'll be damned if I add them back on again! So I was up, and I know why--it's from the cocktails I indulged in on Thursday night, then Saturday night. Not a lot, but enough and boy, do they pack the calories! On Sunday I made a pretty healthy dip for my hubby during the game and proceeded to eat half of it with tortilla chips to boot. Then it was, well, I've eaten that much, might as well eat two of the yummy crock pot pulled pork sandwiches with an added couple bites of my 2 yr old's too. ::sigh:: Today I did well until before dinner, then I over ate box stuffing and mashed taters complete with green bean casserole. Yes, I'm having that green bean goodness I love next week but I just couldn't wait and had to have some tonight. But ya know, something happened, it just didn't taste as good as I remembered.
So I'm asking myself, why is that? Is it because it didn't do it's job for me that I've let it do so many times before which is comfort me and make me feel better?? I keep asking myself this question tonight as my mind wandered back to that. It was good, but it wasn't as good as I remember. I could've waited till next week on turkey day. I should've waited. I've come this far though and I refuse to beat myself up over choices I make. I wanted the damn green bean crap so I made it and ate it. I didn't go back for bites before I packed the left overs in the fridge. Who am I kidding, I stayed the hell out of the kitchen away from them all together so I couldn't! Point is, I didn't go back. And that's what I'm going to focus on here, I am not going back. Not for just one more bite and not to pack on pounds I've already fought so hard to get rid of. NO way. I can do this~just gotta keep on stepping, keep on going. I CAN DO THIS AND I WILL!