Wednesday, March 9, 2011


OK, almost Thursday. Thursday is my Friday this week. Fun stuff planned, the hubby is turnin' the big 4-0! But that's another post....

I was looking at my past posts and holy cow, almost every one of them is how I've got back on after eating badly. Jeeze. I never really saw it that way but man, it's got me thinking. I could go either way--beat myself up about it or be glad I DID get back on. I'm sitting on a 90 pound loss and that sounds huge to me. 90 pounds is a lotta friggin' weight! If I had not gotten back on and let my blog go and let myself continue to eat with those patterns, I would not be sitting at a 90 pound loss. So there negative self, take that. I've got to be proud of myself for not quitting, for not giving up and I've got a few things to be proud of so I'm going to list them.

1.I did 1 1/2 hours on the elliptical Monday night. Wasn't planned, it just worked out and it felt GREAT. Over 6 miles.

2. I've done my new Jackie Warner DVD 2x this week, one more tomorrow and I've completed my goal of 3x this week. It's not easy-like she says-hate me now, love me later. It's the truth.

3.I "got back on" my healthiness journey and found my motivation again. I was a little worried there for a while. I'd be having a great day, then open the pantry and two or three cookies would shoot into my mouth, followed by something else....uuuggghhh, anyway, back on and happy about it.

4. I identified my most difficult eating time of the day and it's late afternoon before dinner. Anytime from about 2-3ish to dinner time. I've been able to combat this time with some tools--healthy snacks and earlier dinners. Working so far!

5. I set a goal to work-out every day this week. I've got three more days to go--Thursday with Jackie dvd, Friday at the gym and Sat. BL or gym. Gonna get there!

6. I want to wear a cute outfit for Saturday night. I'd like to wear my black crinkle cami with my black halfie sweater. I'm a little nervous about this since I do NOT want any fat bulges stickin' out. Hopefully I can wear this and feel gewwwwwwwwwd.

So there, 6 things I'm proud of myself for, even if a couple haven't happened yet. "o)


  1. Hi Jenn,

    It's Meghan from PFG Elle's post. I'd love to chat sometime about this part of the journey. I'm trying to keep myself going. If you'd like to chat sometime, email me -

  2. Oh my gosh, Meghan~(((HUGS))) I will email you today, so happy you stopped by!