Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's almost done...

and I made it through another Jackie workout. "Hate me now, love me later..." Oh yes, I do feel that when I'm in it doin' the sweat! It is a workout I do like, and like I said, I am feeling some good changes.

My niece's 24th birthday is this weekend. A bunch of her friends & family are going Saturday night to celebrate. A while back, she convinced me to shop at other stores since I've always shopped at the bigger size stores for my clothes. Catherine's, Lane Bryant etc. So last fall, I stepped into Express, from her coaxing, and bought a cute top I saw online in a size large. It fit although it was a bit snug, but I knew come spring I'd be able to rock that shirt. It was somehow a little unreal to me, even in fall, 70 or so pounds lost, that I could rock a size other than an xl or xxxl that I started out wearing. Never mind a size in a regular store, no plus on the tag this time!

A while ago she asked me if I had worn the shirt yet. I set out with a goal in mind to wear that shirt out for her birthday. I've got a cute new tank to wear under it and I've been doing Jackie's arm workouts hard 3x a week hoping that when I put that shirt on on Saturday, I am happy with how I look in it. Stay tuned, I promise to post a pic!

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