Sunday, April 3, 2011

more or less?

One of the things I struggle with this is portion size and amounts-but I'm not sure that is the right term. Sometimes I get into this mind frame that I won't become full. I need more, that can't or won't possibly be enough for me...etc. etc. Somehow over spring break, I fell back into this mind set. Now to get out of it. The problem is, how? Ideas? Does this happen to anyone else?

I have not eaten breakfast yet and I want to tell my family let's go to a buffet breakfast! On the other hand, I know that is not going to get me anything but:
1. farther away from my healthy eating
2. a sick tummy!
3. guilt and beating myself up
4. weight gain
5. tired for the rest of the day
6. just plain old bad for my body

I think I will have one of my fav's--a bowl of kashi berry crisp knowing I will feel soooo much better.

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